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Good Practices

To increase transparency

Refining the tools for promoting integrity in scientific communication was one of the topics discussed at the Sixth Annual Meeting of the Scientific Electronic Library Online (SciELO), attended by journal editors and experts from Brazil and other countries. One of the developments at the event, held December 14, 2016 at FAPESP in São Paulo, was the announcement that the group of 285 Brazilian scientific journals available in the SciELO library would soon adopt new policies and procedures for ensuring transparency and integrity in editorial management, such as the use of tools to detect plagiarism, and a clearer definition of author responsibilities, according to international editor and periodical practices.

“The purpose is to expand our efforts to become more professional and international and to make the journals sustainable, following editorial practices in line with the advances made in international scientific communications,” said Abel Packer, coordinator-general of the library. Also new is that the periodicals in SciELO will be indexed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), which enables readers to locate open access journals published anywhere in the world.