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Misconduct and resignation in Scotland

Robert Ryan, a Scottish microbiologist known for his work in molecular bacteriology, resigned from the University of Dundee after undergoing a series of accusations of scientific misconduct, according to the newspaper The Scotsman. A University of Dundee inquiry accused Ryan of having falsified and duplicated research data using identical images in 12 scientific articles.  The committee that reviewed the allegations concluded that the researcher had violated good scientific research practices, both before and after he began working at the University in 2013. Ryan subsequently resigned.

The university’s report stated that none of its other researchers was involved in the case. Author or coauthor of more than 100 scientific articles, Ryan had won numerous international awards in recognition of his research into treatments for infections associated with cystic fibrosis, and received approximately £1.1 million (around R$4.4 million) in funding over the course of his career.