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Embraer stays in São Paulo

The State governor Mário Covas and the president of Embraer, Maurício Botelho, announced on June 24 the decision to build the company’s fourth plant at Gavião Peixoto, a town in São Paulo state near Araraquara. The company has two other factories in São José dos Campos and in Botucatu. The new undertaking implies creating an aerospace district, which will be supported by FAPESP to the tune of US$ 10 million a year for six years, provided through a credit line from the Partnership for Technological Innovation program, which focuses on research and development in aerospace technology. The plant involves investments of R$ 340 million in ten years and intends to create three thousand direct jobs in this period, as soon as the industrial operation, get going which is expected for September, 2001. Besides the unit where eight military and civilian aircraft will be produced, Embraer will build a five-kilometer- long test airstrip. In the factory, sprawled over an area of 150 million square meters, flight tests, final aircraft assembling and maintenance will be done.