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Mapping proteins

June 17, 2001 8:30 am Published by

Network of 16 laboratories to analyze structure and function of 200 molecules

Healthy camu-camu

May 18, 2001 3:30 pm Published by

Fruit juice is obtained in powder form and micro-encapsulated

The new old Recife

May 18, 2001 8:50 am Published by

Pernambuco invests R$ 33 million in the construction of its Digital Port

Growing Research

May 18, 2001 8:40 am Published by

The Federal government creates regional networks to map bacteria and fungi

Recognized work

May 18, 2001 8:20 am Published by

The New York Times praises the quality of the work being carried out in Brazil

One step forward

May 18, 2001 8:10 am Published by

Unesp creates the first bank for the genes of sugar cane bacteria