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Recent Thematic and Young Investigator Projects

Projetos contratados entre novembro de 2011 e janeiro de 2012

Thematic projects

Identification of tumor markers and possible therapeutic targets in lymphoproliferative diseases of B cells
Researcher in charge: Gisele Wally Braga Colleoni
Institution: EPM/Unifesp
Process no.: 2010/17668-6
Span: from 1/Jan/2012 to 31/Dec/2016

Double blind randomized and controlled study on the effect of beta-blockers in the prevention of secondary chemotherapeutic cardiomyopathy
Researcher in charge: Edimar Alcides Bocchi
Institution: InCor/HC/SSSP
Process no.: 2010/18078-8
Span: from 1/Nov/2011 to 31/Oct/2016

Intermittent fasting and digestive adaptation surgery: translational assessment of the consequences on cardiovascular risk factors and atherogenesis
Researcher in charge: Bruno Caramelli
Institution: InCor/HC/SSSP
Process no.: 2010/19827-4
Span: from 1/Dec/2011 to 30/Nov/2016

Study of the equilibrium of the carbon cycle in the coastal region and its ocean transport potential, with an emphasis on the coastline of Pernambuco (Carecos). (Facepe/ANR)
Researcher in charge: Elisabete de Santis Braga da Graça Saraiva
Institution: IO/USP
Process no.: 2011/50582-0
Span: from 01/Dec/2011 to 30/Nov/2016

Young Investigator

Use of mechanical and quantum methods for studying chemical links and interactions in self-organized systems with an application in catalysis, medicinal chemistry, electrochromism, and the storing and conversion of energy
Researcher in charge: Renato Luís Tame Parreira
Institution: University of Franca
Process no.: 2011/07623-8
Span: from 01/Jan/2012 to 31/Dec/2015

Synthesis of ferroelectric ceramics with coupled phase transition
Researcher in charge: Eduardo Antonelli
Institution: ICT/Unifesp
Process no.: 2011/08497-6
Span: from 01/Jan/2012 to 31/Dec/2014

Identification and validation of molecular signatures related to the metastasis of cancer through detailed and directed proteomic analysis of the epithelial – mesenchymal transition in adenocarcinomas
Researcher in charge: Vitor M. Faça
Institution: FMRP/USP
Process no.: 2011/09740-1
Span: from 01/Jan/2012 to 31/Dec/2015

Using sparse nuclear magnetic resonance data and comparative modeling to determine the structure and dynamics of proteins, with an application in the rational design of drugs
Researcher in charge: Rinaldo Wander Montalvão
Institution: IFSC/USP
Process no.: 2011/11343-0
Span: from 01/Jan/2012 to 31/Dec/2015

Changes in the expression profile of proteins in Eucalyptus globulus as a response to variations in growth temperature and the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
Researcher in charge: Tiago Santana Balbuena
Institution: IB/Unicamp
Process no.: 2011/11650-0
Span: from 01/Jan/2012 to 31/Dec/2014

Study into the multiple use of drugs, cognitive, psychic and emotional functioning and sleep disturbances among truck drivers in the State of São Paulo
Researcher in charge: Lucio Garcia de Oliveira
Institution: FMUSP
Process no.: 2011/11682-0
Span: from 01/Mar/2012 to 29/Feb/2016

Squamats (reptilia, lepidosauria) of the Cretaceous and Tertiary (Paleogene/Neogene) systems in the Bauru, Aiuruoca and Acre basins: systematics, evolution and paleo-environments
Researcher in charge: Annie Schmaltz Hsiou
Institution: FFCLRP/USP
Process no.: 2011/14080-0
Span: from 01/Jan/2012 to 31/Dec/2015

DNA bar codes and the biotechnological potential of micro-fungi associated with the nests of leaf-cutter ants
Researcher in charge: André Rodrigues
Institution: Biosciences Institute of Rio Claro/Unesp
Process no.: 2011/16765-0
Span: from 01/Jan/2012 to 31/Dec/2014

Multi-locus phylo-geography of three species of Poospiza (birds, passeriforms): exploring the history of the mountainous Atlantic rainforest
Researcher in charge: Fabio Sarubbi Raposo do Amaral
Institution: Institute of Environmental, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences /Unifesp
Process no.: 2011/50143-7
Span: from 01/Dec/2011 to 30/Nov/2014