49 years of history

Embraer has 100 customers in more than 50 countries. It has produced 46 aircraft models and manufactured more than 8,000 units. Its airplanes carry some 145,000,000 passengers per year

Founded on August 19, during the military regime. The company was created under state control
Maiden flight of the company's first aircraft, the EMB-110 Bandeirante turboprop, with initial capacity for 12 passengers, later increased to 21
The EMB-312 Tucano military aircraft makes its maiden flight. One of the company's greatest successes, more than 600 units of the light attack plane were sold in total
The EMB-120 Brasília begins operations. By the time production ends in 2001, 352 units of the 30-seater regional turboprop will have been delivered
Facing financial difficulties, Embraer is privatized. The move provides the capital needed to develop more modern aircraft equipped with jet engines
Launch of the EMB-145, Embraer's first jet aircraft, with 50 seats. Later renamed the ERJ-145, the plane was a symbol of the company's revival
Maiden flight of the ERJ-135 (37 seats), the second model in the ERJ family, which also includes the ERJ-140 (44 seats). More than 1,000 units were produced
Embraer launches the Legacy 600 executive jet. Six other models were made for this market, with 1,100 executive aircraft operating in 60 countries
The E170, the first member of the E-Jet family, enters into service. The series includes three other models (E175, E190, and E195), ranging from 70 to 130 seats
Presentation of the next-generation E2 jets program, designed to succeed the E-Jets. The family consists of the E170-E2, E190-E2, and E195-E2 models
The KC-390 makes its maiden flight. The first units will be delivered to the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) this year
The 1,400th aircraft from the E-Jet family is produced. The success of these models has helped Embraer become the third-largest manufacturer of commercial jets in the world, surpassing Canadian company Bombardier
After Airbus and Bombardier announce a partnership, Boeing and Embraer start talks aimed at uniting their businesses
Delivery of the first E190-E2, the inaugural model of the E2 family. The company has 280 orders for the three airplanes in the series, which are more modern and economical than the E-Jets
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