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FAPESP launches Grants for Research Studies Abroad

Daniel BuenoFAPESP has created a new type of grant called Grant for Research Studies Abroad (Bepe). The objective is to support FAPESP grant holders engaged in short and medium-term scientific research studies abroad. Students enrolled in undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs are eligible for these grants. The internship period abroad is part of the grant program in Brazil and cannot be requested as a separate program. The period of time varies according to the type of grant enjoyed by the grantee, the shortest time being one month. The proposals submitted by participants must show that the internship period abroad will contribute significantly to the research project that the grantee is working on in Brazil. The monthly stipend ranges from US$ 1,100 for students enrolled in undergraduate research programs to US$ 1,300 for master’s degree candidates, US$ 1,600 for PhD candidates, and US$ 2,800 (plus R$ 5.333,40) for students in post-doctoral programs. In addition to the aforementioned amounts, one should add a technical reserve, a relocation allowance (for grants covering three or more months) and health insurance. For grant requests related to research work in Brazil, FAPESP will now encourage the submission of proposals that include an internship period abroad. Further information is available on>.