Geogenomics | 01.07.2016


Geogenomics is a new discipline aimed at explaining biological diversity in tropical rainforests. With projects focused on the Amazon and the Atlantic Forest, biologists and geologists explain how the interplay among different areas of knowledge contributes to research development.

1. Assembly and evolution of the Amazonian Biota and its environment: An integrated approach; Grant Mechanism Thematic Project Biota Program (nº 2012/50260-6)/Dimensions-NSF (DOB 1241066 & NASA); Principal Investigators Lúcia Lohmann (IB-USP) and Joel Cracraft (AMNH).
2. Dimensions US-Biota São Paulo: A multidisciplinary framework for biodiversity prediction in the Brazilian Atlantic forest hotspot; Grant Mechanism Thematic Project Biota Program (nº 2013/50297-0)/ Dimensions-NSF (DOB 134357 & NASA); Principal Investigators Cristina Miyaki (IB-USP) and Ana Carolina Carnaval (CUNY).

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