ED. 62 | MARCH 2001


Scientific census

A survey by CNPq maps the research groups in the country

Guaranteed demand

Small businesses are going to dispute the generic drug market

Consortium against malaria

ONSA joins an international network which is going to sequence the genome of Anopheles gambiae


A blow to our vain pride

The sequencing of the human genome proves the scientific similarities between animals, plants and bacteria and gives weight to the idea that we are merely one more species on the Earth

A bench marker detects cancer

A protein can identify bladder cancer in a urine test with precision

Water, a resource under examination

The largest water reservoir of South America might have excess radioactivity

Without animals the forest will die

The disappearance of the animals that disperse seeds endanger the survival of the remainder of the Mata Atlântica (Atlantic Rain Forest)

Programmed to see

Animals show computers how to identify objects


A notary's office in the digital world

Project results in software for the registering and organization of paperwork

Bad weather proof

A new impermeable material brings together residues of styrene and aluminum scrap

Treatment with quality

A method developed at Unesp guarantees more efficient dental implants


In the search of lost knowledge

Research recovers the evolution of the scientific ideas of Portugal and of Brazil

The traps for reality

Studies analyze what are the social relations in the works of Clarice Lispector