ED. 67 | AUGUST 2001


São Paulo proposes new research incentives

Researchers, scientists, businessmen and parliamentarians ask for the implementation of a fiscal policy to stimulate company investments in innovation

Stimulus for direct doctorate

New model of scholarships could have duration of five years

Research at high speed

Foundation launches an notice for the program of Advanced Internet

The fruits of the sugarcane genome

Cooperation between SucEST and CropDesign could lead to the formation of a company


Between grasses and bamboos

The first book about the São Paulo Phanerogamous Flora brings together information on almost 500 species of native and imported gramineous plants

Digitalized Amazon

From satellite images, there comes a complete and detailed picture of the whole of the Amazon basin territory, and shortly to follow, the whole country

World network against cancer

A study of a thousand genes highlights the contribution of the Brazilian project

A new ONSA conquest

Bioinformation technology team from São Paulo the contended Agrobacterium genome

Medicines from the sea

Research into marine resources finds anti tumor substances in sponges and tunicates on the coast

The poison of the hairy caterpillar combats thrombosis

Protein isolated from the poison of the caterpillar which causes hemorrhaging syndrome could lead to an anti-coagulant medicine

Precision in double

Combined exams perfect the diagnosis of cancer of the thyroid

Proof of quality

Physicists at Unicamp reinforce the properties of superconductor material

Movement under measure

A study reveals the forces which act on the body in action and even indicate the ideal form for hitting the tennis ball


Time to grow

Company incubated in the Campinas Ciatec develops equipment for optical transmission and is getting ready to export

Partnerships with the PIPE

Incubator makes room for another 78 vacancies and for new FAPESP projects

Exhibition of good reasons

Campinas bring together 11 research institutions and holds exhibition of projects

Eye operation with the topograph

Small company develops equipment to help with ophthalmological surgery

Luminous reaction in chemical analysis

New techniques enable cheaper and more efficient laboratory examinations


New rhythm for senior citizens

Nowadays, when people live longer, a study alerts about the importance of physical activity in elderly people's self esteem

The Brazil that is more than the five hundred years old

Brazil 50,000 Years, an exhibition in Brasília, restores the national pre-colonial past

Separated just by the sea

The Millennium Agenda collection brings together Brazilian and Portuguese historians, producing a summary of the field and suggesting the way forward for historical research

Rethinking low-cost housing

Project designs flexible spaces, compatible with a modern lifestyle