ED. 70 | NOVEMBER 2001


The profitable genetics of paper

A paper and cellulose company sponsors the genome project of the eucalyptus tree

IBGE takes to the field

Survey is going to evaluate the efforts in innovation of Brazilian industry

Reliable forecast

FAPESP, in partnership with SCTDE, launches a program of hydrometeorology


Stones under control

Shatterstone tea (chá de quebra-pedra) prevents crystals of calcium oxalate from grouping and forming kidney stones

Accurate hemodialysis

Device calibrates blood-filtering machines for renal patients

Vitamins Unveiled

The function of bioflavonoids in conserving cells is discovered

Information on the dish

Survey of green vegetables is intended to improve food in this country

Baby in safety

Substance in the lungs that premature babies need is produced experimentally in Butantan and successfully tested in rabbits

The resistance of the forest

Degraded ecosystems ,as long as they remain close to original woods, are to keep their biodiversity

Distant, but equal

Great genetic similarity between populations of wood storks givesfresh direction to tactics for conservation

Closer to the asteroids

One of the largest surveys of the smallest bodies of the Solar Systemwill help to understand its formation

Atoms trap

Team creates shortcut to obtain a special state of matter


A world phenomenon

Congress demonstrates the vigor of the company incubator system which, over fifteen years worldwide, has grown from 200 to 3,000 units

Facing real life

A group of companies from Ciatec inaugurate a new system of post-incubation

Building for the future

New materials result in a more durable concrete

The Competence of UniTech

A PIPE company participates in the construction of a fuel cell in Minas

Summing up qualities

Esalq develops an unprecedented technique for the production of plant hybrids beginning with species of passion fruit (maracujá) or of citrus fruit that are more resistant to illnesses


Regimes that spur growth

Studies reveal that there is a relationship between economic development and the sustainability of democracies

The knight of wisdom

Expelled from the Brazilian Communist Party, Astrojildo Pereira dedicated himself to thinking out a pioneering cultural policy for the country

Brazil has always been a party

Book shows how celebration have evolved and influenced our history

In review, the cultural whirl of São Paulo

Study shows the relationship between the media and daily life in old São Paulo