ED. 78 | AUGUST 2002


X-ray of São Paulo agriculture

Research and new technologies have increased productivity and reduced the cost of food

Science in Iberian America

Brazil to lead the first thematic network of the RICYT

IPT renews staff

Institute will do a public examination to fill vacancies for technicians and researchers

Program encourages cooperative production

Tidia is going to carry out projects like those on network technology, an incubator of contents, and on distance learning

In search of the lost time

Anpei gathers specialists together to get to know R&D investment strategies

A commitment with innovation

Carlos Vogt, the new President, is going to keep FAPESP's "lean" administrative policy and will preserve resources destined towards scholarships


Beating naturally

In the laboratory, a compound of medicinal plants stops arrhythmia that kills victims of myocardial infarct

Virus-based medicines

Production of vectors makes gene therapy advance, as an alternative treatmentfor diseases like brain cancer

State of alert

Recombinant or potentially more aggressive subtypes of Aids virus advance in Brazil

Penta, the champion clone

For the first time in Brazil, researchers from Unesp make a copy of an adult animal

Torturous routes

The oldest hominid fossil suggests that our historical evolution is more complex than we had imagined

Technology in caving

Pioneering study will allow for visits to the Bonito region with the minimal of environmental impact

Taming black holes

Rio de Janeiro physicists propose an experiment that could help to review the basic laws of the universe

Sidereal clock

A physicist from Rio Grande do Sul shows how to make use of the variations in the brightness from pulsating white dwarf stars


Land of innovation

Center for Ceramic Materials investigates new applications in steel making and electrical products

No fear of the drill

Diamond coated drills reduce the use of anesthetics in 70% of the cases

Natural combat on cultivated land

Fungi that are predators of worms harmful to several crops can be mass produced

Impurities Exterminator

Ozone generator born of partnership between a company and an ITA laboratory

Compatible with the body

Laboratory at UFMG synthesizes new generation of biomaterials

Genetic therapy for hens

Unicamp researchers discover protein for fighting bird disease


Made the headlines? It's going to happen, then

Study reveals how, in the 2000 elections, the press was fundamental in the final result of the contest between Maluf and Marta Suplicy for the São Paulo City Hall

Very easygoing teachers

USP project uses escargots to teach children school disciplines

Converting Science&Technology into news

Ciência Hoje [Science Today] magazines completes 20 years of uninterrupted publication, with precise information and clear texts

Benefit rewarded

Works that received FAPESP's support win 2002 Jabuti Award