ED. 80 | OCTOBER 2002


Advances and problems

Federal government creates research institutes, publishes measures to foster innovation, and releases funds for the CNPq, as an emergency measure

Brazilian model

English sociologist highlights Brazil's participation in the world research scenario

Health in first place

Projects from the fourth call for proposals also attend to education and the environment

Education and fiber-optic

Canadian network consolidates distance learning projects


Feathered history

Study associates the evolution of birds with transformations in the planet and quantifies the risk of extinction

Like the sea waves

Researchers unveil movements to fight parasites on the surface of cells

The tones of the difference

Variations in the mating song show that there may be more than one transmitter of visceral leishmaniasis

Danger at the table

Bracken consumed in Minas Gerais favors reproduction of tumor- linked virus

Connection reactivated

Treatment with electrical stimuli assists the recovery of movement in patients with spiral cord injuries

Light abysses

Synthesis of molecules that absorb photons should facilitate the production of optical devices and films

Explosion of energy

Combination of techniques makes it possible to identify weaker sources of gamma rays


Shedding light on orange trees

In São Carlos, researchers develop a technique that uses the laser in the identification of citrus canker

Vegetal strengthener

A researcher synthesizes phytohormone that makes the plant's mass grow and increases the number of seeds

Sugar Plastic

A Brazilian product is improved and goes after the international market

Novel topographic maps

Company makes use of information from a Canadian satellite to make maps with detailed topography

Transgenics under the microscope

Company masters technique and sets up a laboratory for the detection of genetically modified products

Formation of black cocoons

The movement of sediments on the sea bottom is the object of a study by a team from Rio Grande do Sul


The time to learn The Indian program

The series Anthropology, History and Education, in four volumes, is the result of a thematic project that discusses indigenous education

The unveiling of the hidden poverty

A CD-ROM and a Map Server from the Center for Metropolitan Studies gives a real outline of São Paulo's social needs

Technology in the mansion of the Penteado family

The century old family mansion is being restored and will house the high-tech library of FAU-USP

The vital Brazil with a 'Z'

Project recovers the memory of the scientist, sanitarian, biologist and doctor from Rio de Janeiro, with the publication of his complete works, which will also be made available through the Internet