ED. 105 | NOVEMBER 2004


Showcase of Iberian American science

The SciELO Network hits the 200-title mark and is considered a model for free access to on-line articles

The knowledge adventure

More than 1,800 events mark the National Science and Technology Week

One more round

The Senate authorizes research with stem cells and reestablishes the powers of the CTNBio

Reinforces support

The New Frontiers Program will expand traineeships abroad

At the market doorway

Companies supported through the PIPE program can count upon Finep to consolidate their business

Tireless engagement

Carolina Bori defended essential banners for psychology along with the democratization of science


Another way of looking at atomic fusion

An experiment redefines knowledge concerning the interaction of nuclei, from which the sun's energy results

Form and function

Two new pieces of equipment place the country in the front line of the study of structure and action of proteins

A natural advantage against the cigarette

Almost 40% of Brazilian possess mutations that favor smoking less

In the rivers of Brazil

Biologists register 2,122 species of fish in the fresh water rivers of Brazil


Protection for the skin

Extract from the Pariparoba exercises antioxidant action against the sun and should reach the market shortly

Metallic recycling

Scrap is transformed into the raw material used in the production of aluminum alloys

A seed to germinate

Northeastern region gains a new variety of pale-skinned, drought resistant peanut

Marking traits

Lead for pencils and propelling pencils gain more resistance with the incorporation of a nanocompound


Traveling companion

Study discusses reasons for venturing into Brazilian novels

Our daily drama

Study proposes that journalism is the main contemporary narrative