ED. 111 | MAY 2005


Mapping innovation

The third edition of FAPESP's Indicators registers an increase in public spending on S&T between 1998 and 2002

The light partners

The KyaTera Project integrates dozens of laboratories by way of optical fibers

The multiplication of ideas

Network wants to spread useful technologies to poor communities


Gracias a la Vida

Latin American women learn to live with the Aids virus spread by a macho culture

Body with more gas

Compounds containing ruthenium, which liberate or capture nitric oxide, could serve as a basis for future medications

The weather guardians

Caves reveal how the climate of the southern hemisphere has been for the last 100,000 years

Trick of the eye

Simple equations explain the localization of objects that seem to come from nowhere


Rosewood perfume No.5 Brazil

Leaves from the Amazonian tree guarantees the continued production of the perfume Chanel No. 5

Finite stock in the Amazon

Two species of tree take more than a century to grow and replace the quantity of cut wood

Better management, more profit

Project rehabilitates small rural producers

Cleaning crew

Fungi and bacteria form the basis of detergents used in hospital equipment

Digital farming

Company develops precision equipment for use in agriculture

A different type of magnet

Graphite developed by a Brazilian and Uruguayan research team has magnetic properties


In the name of God

Project rescues the true relationship between missionaries and Native Indians

The lobby goes up to the Presidential Palace

Studies reveal the relationship between the Legislative and Executive branches and the interests pressure groups

This so-and-so samba

Academic world tries to understand how a genre was transformed into the most important one of Brazilian music in the 20th century