ED. 119 | JANUARY 2006


Support for growing

Balance of 40 years shows strategic role of postgraduate studies in the country

Ethical standards under suspicion

National Health Council suspends research in malaria in the state of Amapá

Along the milky way

Guidance from health agents triples level of exclusive breastfeeding of babies


Sofia's world

Mongrel differentiates phrases with two terms and uses keys to communicate with humans

Fighting the shortage of air

Chemical messenger of the defense system regulates associated allergic reactions

Of mice and men

Human embryonic cells incorporate themselves into rodents' brains

Luzia's cousins

Skulls reinforce theory that peoples with a different biology colonized the Americas

Why forests are different?

Biologists identify mechanisms that fuel the competition amongst trees and differentiate the forests of São Paulo

The star of the moment

White dwarf behaves like the most precise optical clock known


Textures and flavors

From an electronic tongue to a coffee powder analyzer, new pieces of equipment are licensed by Embrapa

A waterproof glue

Sealant with high adhesive power has various applications in civil construction and in consumption

Perfect fit

New kind of mouse provides more comfort and prevents muscular pains

Union sealed

Unprecedented technique makes it possible to solder alloys of titanium and steel for use in the aeronautical industry


Revolution à la cubaine

Studies analyze influence of Fidel's island on the Brazilian left and the armed struggle

Love for sale

Theses analyze the figure of man in the universe of female prostitution and help towards an understanding of sexual tourism