ED. 122 | APRIL 2006


Bones of Contention

International meeting debates adoption of global laws on biological heritage

Plan of war against the virus

Brazil is getting ready to face bird flu, while science is still trying to foresee the spectrum of the pandemic

Insights from the North and Northeast

Eight Faps join up to publish a quarterly magazine that reflects the diversity of their production

Dinosaurs and other animals

Exhibition tells the history of the planet in the last 700 million years

Production on the web

Capes is going to disclose on the Internet the 50 thousand theses and dissertations defended in 2006

Vigorous seed

For the first time, Embrapa is hiring masters and doctors to invest in new technologies


Confessions from the alcove

Erectile dysfunction may be the first sign of coronary diseases

Needle in a haystack

Unicamp team identifies the genetic mutation that produces a rare blood syndrome

The channels of the heart

A UNIFESP team identifies the interaction between heartbeats and cardiac contraction, mediated by calcium

High risk crossbreeding

The marine species of the manatee crossbreeds with the Amazonian one and generates sterile hybrids

The Brazilian Himalayas

Some 630 million years ago a chain of high mountains dominated the landscape that today is flat in the states of Goiás and Minas Gerais

Carbon Hives

Five centuries after its discovery, graphite is surprising physicists with its uncommon electrical and magnetic properties


A fine mixture

A protective film reduces the evaporation of fresh water in reservoirs

Invisible weave

Nanoparticles of silver obtained using vegetable fungus form the basis of new tissues and medicines

A more colorful mouth

Dental support device in the colors of blue, pink and red, is made with a ceramic and pigments


License to breed

A project to increase maternity leave sheds light on the question of women job market

The delirious staging of censorship

More than 6,100 original texts of plays are recovered from the DEOPS archive and should allow for the rewriting of the São Paulo theater's history in the 20th century

Four magic walls

A book brings together texts by Sérgio Ferro, passionate criticisms of architecture