ED. 151 | SEPTEMBER 2008


The evolution of a good idea

Government relaunches program of virtual thematic networks, now with added funding and links with the states

Possible dialogue

Award-winning dissertation of Unicamp student enables biologists to handle data collected using various methodologies


A pre-announced disease

Lethal infection caused by a single cell parasite, visceral leishmaniasis spreads throughout Brazilian cities

Through leaves and roots

Teams from the cities of Brasília and Campinas identify tree-based strategies to guarantee water supply

New underwater lands

Area of coral reefs in Abrolhos is twice as large as previously thought

More flavorful chocolate

New yeast reduces acidity in fermented cocoa and improves quality of Brazil's raw material


Real time protection

Equipment continuously evaluates how lungs on artificial respiration react in ICUs

National pacemaker

Four universities take part in integrated circuit development

Cleaner oil

Process using ultraviolet radiation created to disinfect industrial fluids

More than sustainable

New projects for sugar and alcohol mills eliminate wasting water during production and even generate a surplus

Quick response

Portable device measures hemoglobin and allows for real-time diagnosis of anemia

International Standards

High complexity integrated circuit design is prepared by a team of researchers from three universities


The intellectual elite

Study analyzes the intellectual profile of Brazil's elite

The land of rising science

Japan's contribution to Brazilian research

Images of joy

The pages of Fon-Fon and Careta magazines consolidated the democratic rebellion of Rio de Janeiro's Carnival