ED. 155 | JANUARY 2009


Pioneering efforts

International report acknowledges the work done by the Inova Unicamp agency for the promotion of partnerships with companies, the government and society

The sky is the limit

Brazilian wins award granted by the President of the USA to future research leaders

Brazil's targets

For the very first time, the government has agreed to set limits to control the devastation in the Amazon Region


Unexpected action from a distance

Neurons can transport painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs

On river banks

Capivaras and dogs disseminate São Paulo fever in Brazil

A recently discovered syndrome

Disease identified in the State of Rio Grande do Norte deforms hands and feet

Danger at sea

Pollution and reduction of fauna increase shark attacks on bathers

Water and air

Rivers in the Amazon Region release 1% of the carbon gas emitted by human activity on the planet

Expansion of cities

Physicists says that medium-sized urban centers grow more rapidly


Quieter aircraft

Project led by Embraer plans to cut aircraft noise

No toxic residues

Patents generate products for the treatment of industrial effluents

Bovine identity

System developed by company in Sao Carlos to control animals has gained a market in Brazil and abroad

Recycled plastic

Discarded packaging is used for labels and books


From Amadeus to the beat

The subtle politics of a musical controversy at the time of Dom João

In the shade of flowering manuscripts

Thematic project deciphers Proust's cahiers

Long-haired freedom

The unusual political nature of Brazilian counterculture

Organic forms

Hélio de Almeida launches book with a selection of his best graphic and artistic work