ED. 158 | APRIL 2009


Advance in orbit

New generation of satellites promise to drive research and keep watch over the Amazon Region

Youngsters that are all go

Students turn out to be a surprise in international exchanges promoted by FAPESP and by the National Science Foundation

International Challenge

Biota-FAPESP to enter new phase and seek greater participation abroad

Joining forces to fight cancer

Tumor research groups form national network

Heading to Southern Africa

United Nations center makes room for cancer and infectious disease researchers from Brazil


On the brink

More care and a few phone calls cut new suicide attempts by a factor of ten

Parkinson's disease under control

Electrical stimulation of the spinal cord reduces symptoms of the disease in rodents


Pulmonary hypertension more common than previously imagined

Restless nights

Underscored by brief interruptions of breathing, apnea impairs the sleep of millions of people in the city of São Paulo

Arm wrestling

Study looks for genes that avoid the symptoms of a type of muscular dystrophy

A river that flows through the air

Winds from the North increase moisture in Brazil's Southeast and South

The superplant project

Experts discuss how to improve sugarcane

A carpet on the sand

As a result of humid weather, vegetation is covering the Rio Grande do Sul dunes

Electricity - In the air, in the water, everywhere

Electric charge model developed at Unicamp indicates there are no neutral materials


Pastures to fight global warming

Suitable cattle feed could help cut greenhouse gases in the atmosphere

Eclectic Resource

Gas used in aerosols is recommended as a diesel oil and LPG substitute

Adhesive poison

Enzyme replaces traditional sutures with no scarring

Dental innovation

Academic groups create three companies producing dentistry material


The flight of Patativa do Assaré

The great popular poet from the Northeast, whose centennial is being celebrated this year, becomes a PhD thesis