ED. 159 | MAY 2009


Sustainable balance

Study by Embrapa updates the advantages of ethanol in combating greenhouse gases

The architecture of water

Cooperation between Sabesp and FAPESP is going to lead to investments in technology to improve the quality of sanitation services

Model in expansion

FAPs put together networks for researching dengue fever, developing biocosmetics and increasing safety in blood transfusions

Seeds of knowledge

Museum that disseminates science in an enjoyable and interactive way opens in São Paulo

Green areas multiplied

Plan increases the value of secondary vegetation to expand the Atlantic forest area


Inheritance outside the family

Exchange of genes among different species is a source of debate among evolutionists

Stealthy meetings

Inter-breeding between different types of wild cats is more common than was believed

Ruminating over information

Bovine DNA sequencing opens the way to understanding and improvement in breeds

Action on the sly

Small proteins, previousy considered waste, help regulate cells

Dogma overthrown

Crodowaldo Pavan, who has died aged 89, overturned the concept that the amount of DNA was constant in all cells

Cocktail of antibodies

Team coordinated by a Brazilian suggests a new strategy for developing vaccines against the Aids virus

Rock art in a semi-arid zone

First excavations in the Serra das Confusões [Confusões Hills] reveal a singular pattern of prehistoric paintings


Brain examined

Subcutaneous sensor monitors intracranial pressure in the case of accidents or illness

Versatile shell

Biopolymer obtained from shrimps may be used in vaccines and cosmetics

Challenge at the bottom of the sea

Petrobras and Unicamp are studying bacteria from oil wells that break down oil

Fiber of the future

Sisal, which is already used in polymers, may be used in the production of ethanol


The lost tropical link

Brazil was fundamental when it came to Darwin producing his theories, returning later to the country they molded the nation

The unsustainable lightness

The interpretation of anorexia as part of one`s identity extends treatment possibilities

Talent from the soul

Controversial thesis by Geraldo Souza Dias on Mira Schendel brought out in luxury edition