ED. 186 | AUGUST 2011


Ecological path

From basic research to public policies, FAPESP has been investing for five decades in biodiversity studies

The owners of rain

Interventions on global climate may already be feasible, but carry huge risks


Allergies make us moody

More than a mere irritation, too much sensitivity to foods may cause anxiety

Before waging war on mosquitoes

Context of trip determines whether it is necessary to take malaria medication

Planting in rows

This method can help the movement of small mammals

From molecules to organisms

The wealth of biodiversity in the Brazilian forests is also revealed in substances

Energy from the stars

Brazilians and Europeans seek control of nuclear fusion

The heavyweights of the Universe

Alternative mechanism may explain the formation of stars from neutrons that are bigger than normal


Alternative vinasse

Production waste from ethanol may be used to produce biodiesel

Vegetable identification

Beam of light recognizes the chemical composition of species

Clean and efficient cargo ship

Brazilian ship has innovative system for loading and unloading 400,000 tons of iron ore


The culture of geoglyphs

Enormous circles and squares were excavated in the ground in the Amazon two thousand years ago

The Sun stones

Blocks of granite carved a thousand years ago in Amapá are aligned with the path of a star

Excellence in the humanities

Brazilian courses distinguish themselves on the international scene

Soap operas miss the boat!

Fall in the status of the genre as a privileged place to discuss national issues