ED. 223 | SEPTEMBER 2014


Growing impact

FAPESP 2013 Activity Report highlights record investments and programs for innovation and state-of-the-art knowledge

From Commitment to Action

Experts discuss ways to continuously and effectively promote a culture of honesty among researchers

Talent Rewarded

Two prizes highlight the scientific and cultural contributions of Brazilians


Imperfect filter

Changes in how a gene functions may impair the selection of lymphocytes in the thymus and cause autoimmune diseases

Forests without animals

Decline of animal populations poses as serious a problem as deforestation

The distant past of a great river

Erosion of the Andes may have connected ancient watersheds and formed the Amazon

Cosmic magnifying lenses

Gravitational distortion of light from supernovae and galaxies helps researchers investigate the distribution of matter and energy in the Universe


Accelerated bits

CPqD establishes an optical device company with an eye on the domestic and international markets

Strategic cooperation

Partnership between a company and a university in the state of Rio Grande do Sul results in a chip encapsulation factory

Strays under control

Software program estimates the population of abandoned dogs and cats and simulates strategies to improve animal and human health

Green nanoparticles

Plants from the Cerrado are being used in the production of nanosystems designed to control agricultural pathogens and pests, among other applications


Rural World in Transition

In a new book, experts examine technological and economic strategies applied in the countryside that are productive and promote inclusion of the small farmer

An Imagined Brazi

Ariano Suassuna forged a fiction out of popular tradition mixed with a heavy dose of aesthetics

A public intellectual

The versatile Nicolau Sevcenko was one of the most famous Brazilian historians