ED. 77 | JULY 2002


In the right tone

To the sound of Villa-Lobos, FAPESP completes 40 years and wins a present that strengthens its capacity for financing research

The challenge of sharing

Policy for publicizing the Cepids succeeds in bringing scientific knowledge home to society, supporting public policies and forming human resources

The price of lack of definition

Researchers from the Cebrid interrupt research with Krah


Expanded territory

Harvest of concluded genomes includes new manners of fighting schistosomiasis

Under the yoke of Chronos

Team verifies the variety of rhythms that organize life in animals

Freeing the arteries

Researchers create a bio-marker that detects the formation of fatty depositsin arteries and discover in plasma a potent vasodilator

Fish and taboos on the Negro river

The position of species in the food chain determines their likelihood for consumption or their prohibition

Threatened archipelago

A survey discovers the richness and the risks of the Cerrado islands in the Para

Landscape sculptors

Recent studies attest to the importance of the earthquakes that have occurred over the last ten thousand years for the formation of the Brazilian geographical relief

Superstrings without knots

Approach created by a Unesp researcher makes the calculations in the theory that aims to unify the forces of nature easier


Not even the bagasse is left over

New process could increase alcohol production by 30% and contribute to the reactivation of the Pro-Alcohol program

Impact of the wind and pollutants

The IPT builds a tunnel to study air movements in towns and in industrial areas

Embraer flying high

Company inaugurates factory and strengthens partnerships with research centers, to develop tools that are going to facilitate its projects for new aircraft

On the right course

Integrated sensors platform will make the flight of light aircraft more precise

The key to keeping secrets

Laboratory from Santa Catarina masters technique of cryptography that protects information on the virtual web

On the trail to the future

Program allows pupils to design and test integrated circuits made abroad


The communion of Christians and Jews

Research shows that, even after the separation of the Synagogue from the Catholic Church, the two religions maintained bilateral relations

The Files of Tom Jobim

The personal archive of Tom Jobim is being organized with the help of Faperj

Vincent Van Gogh

A book analyzes the work of the Dutch artist based on 262 letters sent by him,considered to be a parallel masterpiece


Essays compilation analyzes the repression of the written press from colonial Brazil until the military dictatorship