ED. 84 | FEBRUARY 2003


Fruit of contention

Japanese company registers trademark and patents process for producing "cupulate"

Investments in the forest

The Bank of Amazonia invests R$ 19 million into research for expanding the regional market

Free access at no charge

Scientists found virtual publishing house and plan to launch two electronic titles this year


Modulated defense

Advances against leishmaniasis involve controlling the immune response and the transmitting insect

Pressure under control

Researchers from USP remove from the brains of rats a molecule that is more effective than bradykinin in fighting hypertension

Long life for pernambuco wood

Seeds of the plant are preserved for a year and a half, six times more than used to be thought

When pine trees were dwarfs

Fossils of 220 million year old araucarias attest to the transition of this species to large sized trees

New seafood

Biologists discover 52 species of animals that live on the bottom of the ocean

Ten tremors a day

Study reveals intense movement of the crust in the central region of the country


Intelligence and pilotless

An autonomous airship, capable of carrying out inspections and gathering data, is under development at the CenPRA

Company of talents

Former students from the Campinas State University (Unicamp) use new system for building software adapted to each customer

Cleansing reactors

Researchers from USP and the Mauá Institute prepare new equipment for the treatment of effluents

Thick shell

Vaccine protects birds from bacteria that causes fragility in their eggs

Rapid and economic drying

Researcher from Embrapa develops method for treating wood


Villa Lobos's backwoods trunk

Researcher organizes collection of tunes, ballads, poems and parodies that were in the composer's collection

The return of Gomes's wicked woman

Joanna de Flandres [Joanna of Flanders], an opera forgotten for 140 years, is recovered in two projects

The pen that beats the sword

Thesis shows the power of official and journalistic discourse for criminalizing social movements

Dario Fo

A study, now transformed into a book, shows how the Italian dramatist guarantees the perenniality of the political theater