ED. 91 | SEPTEMBER 2003


The lessons from the tragedy

Destruction of the Satellite Launching Vehicle suggests a revision in the Brazilianspace program

Attention to Poverty

Brazil takes part in worldwide effort to develop seven new drugs

Shared expenses

Ministry signs agreements with FAPs to foster regional research

Early diagnosis

Biotechnology company creates test for identifying citrus sudden death

Gradual resumption

Proposals for purchases of goods and services are once again being analyzed

Public lesson

Optics and Photonics Center demystifies physics for the community in São Carlos

Aim on business

Course for qualifying managers is to support consolidation of companies in PIPE


Escape from the labyrinth

Team from Rio puts forward new explanation for the origin of Parkinson's disease and of rare diseases that affect kidneys, heart, eyes and nerves

Abundant harvest

Final data comes out of the sugarcane genome, which gave an impulse to projects, companies and scientific careers

The forest is born again

Natural vegetation of São Paulo recovers 3.8% of the ground lost in the last few decades, and the Atlantic Rain Forest starts growing again, although the Cerrado is almost finished

Savannas and three kinds of forest

Vegetation of the state of São Paulo now follows the national terminology

Thermometer of evolution

Difference in temperature in the ears suggests the existence of a complex brain in marmosets

The dark side of the Universe

Physicists select the particles that are candidates for making up the matter that can still not be detected


Prostheses from the castor bean

A polymer derived from vegetable oil synthesized by a chemist from São Carlos,wins over the international market

Dimensions of proteins

Researcher develops a kit with plastic parts that shows protein structures in three-dimensional form

Masks on the Internet

System developed at UFMG makes it possible to control privacy in the world-wide computer network

The best of garbage

Software and a new analysis methodology indicate the quality of the organic compost used as manure

Catuama in the heart

Patent guarantees medicine that turns ventricular fibrillation around


Tropical comedy

Research recovers the entertaining and critical satirical epic by Manuel de Araújo Porto-Alegre, in [The Magic Lantern]

From the vanguard to the cradle of poetry

Poet, critic and essayist, besides a brilliant translator, Haroldo de Campos did notfit within labels

Memory of the new

Thesis analyzes concepts of Lúcio Costa's historical heritage