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Latin America

A minister for science

Plans are well underway for the creation of a Ministry of Science and Technology in Chile. A commission established in January 2015 by President Michelle Bachelet has presented its report, entitled “A Shared Dream for the Future of Chile,” proposing measures focused on national development leading up to 2030. The recommended measures include creation of an “institutional architecture” in science, technology and innovation that can guide the implementation of national priorities in those areas. According to President Bachelet, the recommendations in the report will yield results in the near future. “We want to fulfill our commitment to create the Ministry of Science and Technology. So we will study the alternatives proposed in this report to make the right decisions,” the president said, according to the Times Higher Education website. She called the suggestions in the report “solid,” but made the point that the framework of the ministry will be delineated only after discussions with the societal sectors involved.