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Alternative use of programs

Software of public domain and of free access can already be used

From now on FAPESP advisors will have more options to send their initial opinions or follow up of the research project under their evaluation by electronic means. This is applicable in any of the lines of development of the Foundation. Now, programs that are of the public domain or of free access can also be used, a decision that, as a matter of fact, attends to the demands originating from the scientific community in the state of São Paulo. Anyone who wants to continue using Word can do so because the idea behind the innovation in the system is simply to give more freedom of choice to the advisor.

The new forms are available on the page of FAPESP ( in three formats: *.doc (document of Microsoft Word), *.html (Standard Internet document) and *.sdw (document of Star Office). The advisor can choose the format that he considers most adequate. The new questionnaires *.doc, contrary to the old ones, permit all types of text formatting.

Though it would be very convenient for FAPESP to have the reception of opinions in these questionnaires and in a print version, the advisors may feel free to print the questionnaires and use them for a hand written version of the opinion, or even, to make their report in an open style, without using the questionnaire, provided all the evaluation points are met.