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Antibiotics and obesity

TECNOCIENCIAS Bacterias AntibioticosDaniel buenoWe now have further evidence of the protective qualities of intestinal microbes. A study published in the journal Cell in August 2014 has shown that these microorganisms shape human metabolism during childhood, and that altering that microbiota by force of antibiotics can increase the risk of obesity and diabetes in adulthood. This conclusion, from experiments on mice, is helping researchers at New York University (NYU) identify the groups of intestinal bacteria that are most important for maintaining good health. If they succeed, they may be able to discover new ways to reestablish these microbial populations after a child is put on antibiotics, preventing health issues later in life. From the outset, the researchers gained an additional argument to support moderate and careful use of antibiotics. In mice, just four weeks of exposure to antibiotics immediately after birth was enough to produce obesity, which persisted after the medication was stopped.