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Back to sea

Alpha-Crucis, refurbished: five voyages scheduled by December 2016

Eduardo CesarAlpha-Crucis, refurbished: five voyages scheduled by December 2016Eduardo Cesar

After 15 years of refurbishment, tank painting and overhauling of equipment at the Indústria Naval do Ceará Shipyard (INACE) in Fortaleza, Ceará, at a cost of R$3.2 million to meet the requirements for international certification, the oceanographic research vessel Alpha-Crucis, owned by the University of São Paulo, returned to the sea on June 3, 2016. Its first voyage after the return took place on July 4-21, 2016, for the purpose of collecting samples from the ocean floor and conducting other studies in the area between Paranaguá, in the state of Paraná, and Ubatuba, in the state of São Paulo. Five voyages are planned for the second half of 2016 to conduct studies that include climate variability in the southern Atlantic Ocean.