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Bridge with the State of Maranhão

laura_fapemalaurabeatrizFAPESP and the Maranhão funding agency (Fapema) have signed a scientific and technological cooperation agreement.  The amount of R$ 3 million, divided by the two institutions, will be invested in the fields of space engineering, health and environment, nanotechnology, biotechnology and biosciences, biofuels and agribusiness, architecture and urban planning, and social issues during a five-year period. The bidding for proposals is expected to be announced this month. “We already have cooperation agreements with institutions from the State of São Paulo, especially in the fields of space engineering and neuroscience,”  says the director-president of Fapema, Sofiane Labidi. “Now we intend to expand this contact, which will be very useful for researchers from both states.” Labidi met with the president of FAPESP, Celso Lafer, with the director-president, Ricardo Brentani, with the scientific director, Carlos Henrique de Brito Cruz, and with Sedi Hirano, member of the Foundation´s Advisory Board. Celso Lafer emphasized that the transfer of experiences to other research-sponsoring agencies is very important for FAPESP, an institution that was founded 47 years ago. “Nowadays, 18% to 20% of the researchers who obtain funding from the Fundação go to other states to teach or conduct research projects,”  he said. “Being able to contribute in this way is very rewarding.”  According to Brito Cruz, the main objective of the agreement – which is to create the conditions for researchers from the State of São Paulo State to collaborate with researchers from the State of Maranhão – is in line with the Foundation´s policies. “Our policy at FAPESP is to make scientists from São Paulo cooperate with the best researchers from elsewhere.  A lot has been said about the need to establish networks.  The best way to do this is by entering into agreements such as this one,”  he stated.