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Challenges for the Internet of the Future

Estrategias aDaniel BuenoFAPESP and Intel, through its University Research Office, have announced a new call for proposals under the cooperation agreement signed by the two institutions. Researchers affiliated with institutions of higher learning and research in the state of São Paulo may submit proposals about security for computer-like devices on the Internet of Things (IoT), a term used to designate the future generation of electronic devices, cars, and any other kind of device able to communicate via the Internet, sharing information and interacting with other devices. Use of such devices is expected to increase, creating new challenges for research, especially in the fields of cryptographics and information protection. Proposals must focus on one or more of the following research vectors: cryptography, data communications, and software. Intel and FAPESP will allocate a total of $200,000 for the selected projects, which may have durations of up to two years. The deadline for acceptance of proposals is August 29, 2014. The RFP is available at