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Climate change website

Corals: threatened by global warming

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A virtual database about climate change has been launched by the British Embassy in Brazil, by the British Council and by the Child Rights News Agency (Andi). With material in Portuguese the web address is The site has videos, recordings of statements, photographs, interviews and articles as well as a glossary of terms on the subject. The decision to launch the website, the goal of which is to improve the debate about climate change in Brazil, was taken after Andi and the British Council launched a study about coverage of the subject in 50 Brazilian press vehicles between 2005 and 2007. The analysis identified a series of problems, such as  overstating the impact of global warming in detriment to the causes of it, or the scant emphasis given to the implications of the phenomenon for the economic development agenda. “The site reinforces the need identified in the survey for the theme to be put into context better”, observes the executive director of  Andi, Veet Vivarta.