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Cooperation in the health area

daniel buenoFAPESP and the Glaxo SmithKline-Brasil (GSK) laboratory have released a bid for research proposals under a cooperation agreement the institutions signed on February 28. The agreement provides for an injection of up to US$ 600,000, with a US$200,000 cap per project, split evenly between GSK and FAPESP, for supporting health research in the State of São Paulo. The priority areas include respiratory, metabolic, infectious, inflammatory and immunological diseases, tropical and neglected diseases, and the so-called rare diseases that affect a small number of people and whose characteristics are little known. Other topics that are relevant to public health in Brazil, including their application in the development of new drugs, can also be the target of projects. Researchers working at public and private higher education and research institutions in São Paulo State are eligible to present their projects by May 14. 
The collaboration between FAPESP and GSK Brasil is part of the “Trust in Science” project, an international Glaxo SmithKline initiative, which provides for investments of R$ 3 million in subsequent cooperation agreements with FAPESP and also with the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq). Further information at