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Doctorates in Brazil

  • Women in the lead 24,280 doctorates were awarded in Brazil in 2019, an increase of 6.1% over the 22,894 awarded in 2018
  • 11,751 were awarded to women, 54% of the total, a proportion that has not changed since 2014
  • Women have represented the majority since 2003. In 1996, men received more than women, with 56% of the total
  • Most of the doctorates awarded to women were in six of the nine major graduate fields (CAPES)
  • Women were most highly represented in the health sciences (68%), which also had the highest number of doctorates awarded in 2017 (4,334, 18% of the total)
  • In 1996, women were the majority in just three fields: linguistics, literature, and the arts (68%), biological sciences (62%), and human sciences (58%).
    In the others, their proportion was below 43%, with only 26% in engineering

SOURCES  1996–2012 – Master’s degrees and doctorates 2015, CGEE (2016). 2013–2019 – Sucupira platform/CAPES. Prepared by: The FAPESP Studies and Indicators Team (DPCTA)