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Double Award

Reports published in Pesquisa FAPESP about studies of tree trunks and...

Léo RamosReports published in Pesquisa FAPESP about studies of tree trunks and…Léo Ramos

Pesquisa FAPESP was featured prominently in the announcement of the Awards for Reporting on the Atlantic Forest, sponsored by the Alliance for Conservation of the Atlantic Forest. Two of its reports were awarded prizes in the Magazine category. First prize was given to Carlos Fioravanti for his article entitled “Circles of Time” about studies of tree trunks conducted to detect climate changes. In second place was “Direct Flight” by Francisco Bicudo and Maria Guimarães, about studies of bird species that reveal relationships between the Atlantic Forest and the Amazon jungle.

... bird species were recognized

PAULO B. CHAVES / NYU… bird species were recognizedPAULO B. CHAVES / NYU

Third place went to “Buried Treasure” by André Julião, of Unesp Ciência. Under the Newspaper category, the winners were Daniela Chiaretti, of Valor Econômico; Giovana Girardi, from O Estado de São Paulo; and Katia Brebatti, of Gazeta do Povo, which is published in Paraná State. In the Television category, Silvia Martinez, of Rede TV!; André Trigueiro, from GloboNews; and Mariene Pádua, from TV Cultura, won awards.