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Guidelines for engineering courses

The Brazilian Ministry of Education has approved a set of guidelines that aims to update the curriculum of engineering degrees in the country. The new rules cover the creation of disciplines related to entrepreneurship and skills development, rather than traditional content alone. They also encourage the adoption of teaching methods that help to stimulate innovation. One recommendation is to engage students in practical activities to solve real problems, starting from the very beginning of the course. The guidelines were conceived by the Business Innovation Movement (MEI), which is associated with the Brazilian National Confederation of Industry (CNI), and by the Brazilian Association for Engineering Education (ABENGE), which submitted the proposals to the National Education Council in March 2018. The CNI believes they will modernize engineering education, preparing students to work with advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and the internet of things. “We need to train engineers with the skills and capabilities needed to succeed in the modern, digital world,” said economist Gianna Sagazio, innovation director at the CNI.