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Ibero-American Fair

Eduardo Cesar

Students at fair activities in the São Paulo capital: the event was also held in Campinas and VinhedoEduardo Cesar

In October 2012, the cities of São Paulo, Campinas and Vinhedo in the state of São Paulo, hosted the Ibero-American Science, Technology and Innovation Fair (Empírika 2012).  Founded by the Center for Science, Scientific Culture and Innovation (3CIN Foundation) of Spain, the event takes place every two years.  The Expo Barra Funda, in the city of São Paulo, was the site of the October 23-25 fair, along with the Paula Souza Center Technology Fair (Feteps).  Empírika was held in Vinhedo October 26-27.  The scientific portion of the event, the 2nd International Conference, took place at the State University of Campinas (Unicamp).  “The fair has activities that are designed specifically to spark an interest in science among young people, such as challenges, theater presentations, talks, debates and interactive activities,” says Carlos Vogt, coordinator of Unicamp’s Laboratory of Advanced Studies in Journalism (Labjor) sponsor of the event.