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Innovative projects in the field of chemistry

Dow, a chemical company, is accepting registrations until June 30, 2015 for the Innovation Fair. This event will be held on August 11, 2015, in São Paulo, and its purpose is to foster innovative projects by academic researchers, junior companies and startups that work in the fields of sustainability and technology. Participants can register at in six categories, each with its own focus: in Fresh Food, finding solutions to handle and preserve food; in Agriculture, technologies, products and processes to enhance efficiency and productivity in the field; in Water Safety, methods, products and processes to purify and handle water to be used for human and industrial consumption; in Construction and Infrastructure, materials, additives and techniques for improving performance and efficiency in the construction chain; in Renewable Chemicals, compounds produced from renewable sources using raw materials or alternatives to petrochemicals; and in Materials, Processes and Chemicals, applications that do not fit into the other categories. On the day of the event, the entrepreneurs will present the selected projects to Dow technical and business representatives, partner companies, clients and venture capital firms.