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Intelligent e-commerce

The OmniLogic company, headquartered until May at INOVA UFMG, the business incubator of the Federal University of Minas Gerais, has developed a system that identifies relevant behavior patterns among web surfers. The objective of the system is to recommend more efficient e-commerce activity. The technology developed by the company, based on quantitative analysis and computer simulation, can capture, treat and process huge volumes of data. Based on this information, on-line business metrics, such as cost per client acquisition and sales, can be optimized. The company operates in two segments with its OmniAds and its OmniRec software programs. The former, used for internet commercials, identifies possible advertisements, analyzes the consumer’s profile and selects the advertising with the greatest likelihood of resulting in consumer conversion for selected users. The latter focuses on recommending products and contents in virtual stores and news portals. The system can process approximately 2 billion requisitions a month, which is equivalent to terabytes of data on the analysis of web browsing patterns and on the most suitable areas for each commercial.