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Interest in Brazil

DANIEL BUENOOn December 13, 2012, the British publication Times Higher Education, which specializes in higher education and research, and is known for its publication of university rankings throughout the world, published a report on the international academic and political interest in research institutions in Brazil.  The report showed that the number of articles by Brazilian authors doubled between 1997 and 2007 in the Science Citation Index, published by Thomson Reuters.  This put Brazil in 13th place among the most important producers of scientific knowledge in the world. The magazine also pointed out the position held by the University of São Paulo in its 2012-13 ranking of universities, where it came in at 158th place, correlating this result with its budget and to support from FAPESP.  Together, the three public universities in the state of São Paulo that have a focus on research have revenues equivalent to 9.57% of the state’s tax revenues. They also benefit, as do the other research institutions in São Paulo, from funds from FAPESP, which passes on 1% of the funding from the same source. According to the Times Higher Education, thanks to its high standards, FAPESP has earned a reputation as a reliable international partner for research collaboration. The Foundation has signed agreements with development agencies in the Netherlands, France, the United States, Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom as well as with universities throughout the world.