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International Council

International Council


Harald zur Hausen, Medicine Nobel Prize laureate, one of the advisors to the A.C. Camargo HospitalPROLINESERVER / WIKICOMMONS

The International Research Center of the A. C. Camargo Hospital (Cipe) has established an international scientific council to evaluate its research. The committee comprises scientists from five countries, including the German virologist Harald zur Hausen, a professor at the University of Heidelberg, and Medicine Nobel Prize laureate for having identified the relation between the papilloma virus (HPV) with cancer. The other scientists are António Coutinho, who headed the Pasteur Institute, in Paris, Curtis Harris, director of the National Cancer Institute of the United States, Alan Ashworth, a professor at the Breakthrough Breast Cancer Research Centre in the United Kingdom, Kai Simons, from the Biosciences Institute of Molecular biology and Genetics of the Max-Planck-Institut, in Germany, and Martin Raff, from McGill University, Canada, and University College London, in the United Kingdom. Establishing this council was one of the last initiatives of 
Ricardo Brentani, who passed away in November 2011 and who chaired the Antônio Prudente Foundation, which maintains the A. C. Camargo Hospital, besides holding the post of director-president of the Technical and Administrative Council (CTA) of FAPESP. According to Fernando Soares, the hospital’s research coordinator, the first technical opinion will be issued in the next three months. “The committee will present a report with possible new directives,” he said. The institution is responsible for more than 60% of Brazil’s cancer research.