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International showcase chooses Pesquisa FAPESP video

Reproduction The film “Laboratory Sun” was selected to participate in the Labocine audiovisual showcaseReproduction

“Laboratory Sun,” a video produced by the Pesquisa FAPESP team, has been chosen to participate in Labocine, a platform that showcases science videos curated from the Imagine Science Film Festival in New York. The platform, operating like a magazine, publishes videos each month about subjects that are interconnected by a single theme. The July issue looks at the many roles of the Sun. The video “Laboratory Sun,” based on an article of the same title (See Pesquisa FAPESP Issue No. 229), shows how the use of water, dishwashing detergent and a laser pointer led to the development of an experimental model and provided a new explanation for the appearance of luminous effects around the Sun, a phenomenon known in technical terms as parhelia. The video can be viewed until July 31, 2017 on the Labocine website at