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Irrigation management

Sérgio Luiz Seagro

Software programs help to use water more rationally in agricultureSérgio Luiz Seagro

The School of Engineering (FE) of Paulista State University (Unesp) at the Ilha Solteira campus has released a software program for the management of water used in irrigated agriculture. The program is the result of the project Modeling of Water Productivity in Hydrographic Basins with Changes in Land Use, financed by FAPESP and by Facepe (the State of Pernambuco Research Foundation). According to Fernando Tangerino Hernandez, the coordinator of the project, the system is applicable to all crops. The development of the software program took 10 months and its chief benefits are estimating evapo-transpiration quickly. This is the loss of soil water through evaporation and the loss of plant water through transpiration. Hernandez stated that the tool was developed with ease of use in mind. “A tutorial shows how to input the data from a spreadsheet; if there’s a variable missing, internal routines estimate it,” he said to Agência FAPESP.