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Odorless glue

An odorless glue that also makes the bullet proofing of cars more efficient has been developed by the Adespec company from São Paulo. This product is already being used by Truffi Blindados, a bullet proofing company, also located in São Paulo. The odorless adhesive contains nanoparticles and is referred to as a nano-sealant. The nanoparticles eliminate the odor and improve the adhesion between the steel in a car’s body and the aramid blanket, made from synthetic fibers, that are bullet and fragmentation resistant. The nano-sealant replaces polyurethane-based glues; polyurethane has a strong odor and is allergenic. “We have developed nanometric-scale technologies for adhesives and sealants – one is water-based and the other technology is based on polyether siloxane, which is neutral and odorless ,” says chemical engineer Wang Chen, who founded the company in 2001. Chen had been granted FAPESP funding for three projects under the Program for Innovative Research in Small Companies (Pipe). The novelty was presented at the Symposium on New Materials and Nanotechnology, held in São Paulo in June and sponsored by SAE Brasil, an association that brings together automobile and aeronautic engineers.