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Periodic table

Origin and use of the elements

Guide: much beyond the table

Guide: much beyond the table

Full of mysteries for beginners, the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements lists the raw materials that exist in the Universe.  People with a curious mind always ask themselves who discovered such chemical elements as ruthenium, thallium or lanthanum and what they are used for. Reflecting on the difficulties of many students and professionals from various fields, chemist Nílton Pereira Alves, a partner of the Quimlab company, which prepares chemical standards for the quality control of industrial processes (see Pesquisa Fapesp nr. 156), wrote and published a book which comes with a periodic table in the form of a poster.  This periodic table is being provided free of charge upon request.  Fully illustrated, the Guia dos elementos químicos – Uma fascinante viagem pela descoberta dos blocos que constituem nosso Universo tells the story of how the periodic table was organized and describes the origins of each element, who discovered it and what it is used for in industry. “It took me a year of research to prepare the book, especially because I wanted to teach chemistry by means of images,” says Alves. People interested in ordering the book and the poster can send their request to: Quimlab, rodovia Geraldo Scavone, 2.300, Jardim Califórnia, CEP 12305-490, Jacareí, São Paulo, SP, or send an e-mail to Only postage expenses are charged.