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Marcelo Knobel

Physicist Marcelo Knobel named new dean of UNICAMP

Gustavo Martins Moreno / cnpem Knobel will take office in AprilGustavo Martins Moreno / cnpem

São Paulo State Governor Geraldo Alckmin has appointed physicist Marcelo Knobel as the new dean of the University of Campinas (UNICAMP). Knobel received 52.6% of the electoral college votes and headed the three-name list sent to the governor, who makes the final decision. His inauguration is scheduled for April 19. At age 48, Knobel is a professor at the Gleb Wataghin Institute of Physics and was assistant coordinator of Research Collaborations at FAPESP until 2017. He has a doctorate in science from UNICAMP, and a postdoctoral degree from the Galileo Ferraris National Electrotechnical Institute in Italy and the Applied Magnetism Institute in Spain. Knobel will hold the position for four years. One of his priorities will be to steer UNICAMP through the current financial crisis, with the university facing a deficit of R$253.9 million for the year 2016. “At first, contracts will need to be revised and resources optimized, and later, negotiations with the state government will be intensified,” explains Knobel. One topic that the new dean intends to discuss with the government is the UNICAMP hospital complex, which serves the macroregion of Campinas. The complex consumes 20% of the institution’s budget resources.