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Propulsion in the laboratory

Fotolab_Injetora na bancadaDespite dozens of tests, aeronautical engineer Rene Nardi only managed once, in this photo, to record the full range of behavior of the liquid that emerges from a cyclone injection system.  Often used in rockets and other jet-propelled vehicles, the liquid spins inside a chamber and is then released through a hole, forming a hollow cone.   The more the cone expands, the thinner the liquid sheet becomes, until it breaks apart and winds up as a cloud of droplets.  It is the quick evaporation of these droplets that enables combustion.  Nardi perfected a calculation model that accounts for parameters such as   spray angle (measured in photographs) to characterize the functioning of this injection system and ensure its performance.

Photo submitted by Rene Nardi, a doctoral candidate at the Technological Institute of Aeronautics (ITA) advised by Amilcar Porto Pimenta