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Recent Thematic and Young Investigator projects

Projects contracted between May and June 2013


Study and development of new advanced materials: electronic, magnetic and nanostructures – an interdisciplinary approach
Principal Investigator: Carlos Rettori
Institution: Center for Natural Sciences and the Humanities/UFABC
Grant number: 2011/19924-2
Term: 06/01/2013 to 05/31/2017

Control of muscle mass by cAMP signaling pathway
Principal Investigator: Isis do Carmo Kettelhut
Institution: Ribeirão Preto School of Medicine/USP
Grant number: 2012/24524-6
Term: 06/01/2013 to 05/31/2018

Time series, wavelets and functional data analysis
Principal Investigator: Pedro Alberto Morettin
Institution: Institute of Mathematics and Statistics/USP
Grant number: 2013/00506-1
Term: 07/01/2013 to 06/30/2017

The physics of new materials and semiconductor nanostructures
Principal Investigator: Luiz Eduardo Moreira Carvalho de Oliveira
Institution: Gleb Wataghin Physics Institute/Unicamp
Grant number: 2012/51691-0
Term: 06/01/2013 to 05/31/2018

Study of the biopharmaceutical activity, PPAR agonists and natural products with therapeutic potential on atherosclerosis
Principal Investigator: Dulcineia Saes Parra Abdalla
Institution: School of Pharmaceutical Sciences/USP
Grant number: 2012/51316-5
Term: 05/01/2013 to 04/30/2018

São Paulo Excellence Chairs (Spec)

Net ecosystem exchange of lower Amazon River: from land to the ocean and atmosphere
Principal Investigator: Jeffrey Edward Richey
Institution: Center for Nuclear Energy in Agriculture/USP
Grant number: 2012/51187-0
Term: 05/01/2013 to 04/30/2017


A multidisciplinary approach to the study of amphibian diversification
Principal Investigator: Taran Grant
Institution: Biosciences Institute/USP
Grant number: 2012/10000-5
Term: 05/01/2013 to 04/30/2017

Reducing winter water deficit in rain-fed avocado orchards for increasing fruit yield and quality
Principal Investigator: Tatiana Eugenia Cantuarias Aviles
Institution: Luiz de Queiroz School of Agriculture/USP
Grant number: 2012/13527-4
Term: 06/01/2013 to 05/31/2017

Type 3 muscarinic receptor activation association with ADP-ribosylation factors 1 and 6 in the function of pancreatic beta cells: downstream signaling channels, islet architecture and insulin secretion
Principal Investigator: Helena Cristina de Lima Barbosa Sampaio
Institution: Biology Institute/Unicamp
Grant number: 2012/14993-9
Term: 06/01/2013 to 05/31/2016

Population genomics: a new approach to studies of speciation in insects due to host use applied to the development of sustainable strategies of IPM
Principal Investigator: Karina Lucas da Silva Brandão
Institution: Center for Nuclear Energy in Agriculture/USP
Grant number: 2012/16266-7
Term: 05/01/2013 to 04/30/2017

Conjugated peptide/chitosan molecules with pharmacological potential: synthesis, forecasting activity in membrane mimetic systems and evaluations in cells
Principal Investigator: Márcia Perez dos Santos Cabrera
Institution: São José do Rio Preto Institute of Biosciences, Letters and Exact Sciences/Unesp
Grant number: 2012/24259-0
Term: 05/01/2013 to 04/30/2017

Topological invariants of stable maps and classification of singularities
Principal Investigator: Raul Adrian Oset Sinha
Institution: Center for Science and Technology/UFSCar
Grant number: 2013/02381-1
Term: 08/01/2013 to 07/31/2016