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Recent Thematic and Young Investigator projects

Projects contracted in April and May 2015

Thematic projects
Sugar cane biomass recalcitrance: basic knowledge related to the cell wall formation, pretreatment and enzymatic digestion, applied for the development of innovative biorefinery models
Principal Investigator: Andre Luis Ferraz
Institution: USP Engineering School of Lorena
Case: 2014/06923-6
Term: 04/01/2015 to 03/31/2019

Molecular epidemiology of gram-negative bacteria and genetic of antibiotic resistance
Principal Investigator: Ana Lucia da Costa Darini
Institution: USP School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Ribeirão Preto campus
Case: 2014/14494-8
Term: 05/01/2015 to 04/30/2019

A multi- and interdisciplinary approach to understanding spatiotemporal patterns of insect pests and designing landscapes for sustainable pest management in tropical agricultural systems
Principal Investigator: Wesley Augusto Conde Godoy
Institution: Luiz de Queiroz College of Agriculture/USP
Case: 2014/16609-7
Term: 04//01/2015 to 03/31/2019

Geotechnologies in the detailed digital soil mapping and the Brazilian soil spectral library: development and applications
Principal Investigator: José Alexandre Melo Dematte
Institution: Luiz de Queiroz College of Agriculture/USP
Case: 2014/22262-0
Term: 05/01/2015 to 04/30/2020

Selection of macauba donor trees for establishing garden seeds and commercial seedling production aimed at a biodiesel that preserves genetic variability
Principal Investigator: Carlos Augusto Colombo
Institution: Agronomic Institute of Campinas/SAASP
Case: 2014/23591-7
Term: 04/01/2015 to 03/31/2020

Young investigator projects
Dynamics of malaria transmission under distinct landscape fragmentation thresholds
Principal Investigator: Gabriel Zorello Laporta
Institution: University of São Paulo School of Medicine
Case: 2014/09774-1
Term: 02/01/2015 to 01/31/2019

Mechanisms and consequences of intracellular traffic impairment by 8- and 14-dehydrosterols in fungal parasite models
Principal Investigator: Agustin Hernandez Lopez
Institution: Institute of Biomedical Sciences at USP
Case: 2014/10443-0
Term: 08/01/2015 to 07/31/2019

Vibrational chiroptical spectroscopy for stereochemical characterization of small molecules and macromolecules
Principal Investigator: João Marcos Batista Junior
Institution: Center for Science and Technology at the Federal University of São Carlos
Case: 2014/25222-9
Term: 05/01/2015 to 04/30/2019